Company Profile
Manager: Brad Becker B.Ed MCP
Microsoft Certified Professional

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Microsoft Certified Professionals

Dell Certified Systems Experts

A+ Certified 

Computer Sales and Repair

  • A+ Certified Service Center
  • Computer Systems and Parts
  • Custom System Design
  • Upgrades and Repairs
  • Communications Software and Hardware Specialists
  • Full Service with Reasonable Prices


  • Databases of All Types
  • Specializing in MS Access Applications
  • C++, Pascal, Basic
  • Business Programming
  • Scientific Programming
  • Oilfield Specialists
  • Network Application Specialists

Network Services

  • Microsoft Certified Technicians
  • Windows Server Specialists
  • All Network Services
  • Complete Range of Network Solutions

A+ Authorized Service Centre
(B.Ed, CNA, and PC-Support)